Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival tragedy serves as a caution to all artists to protect their fans
OPINION: Considering Scott’s criminal history due to him encouraging his fans’ mosh-pit and riot-like behavior, the world is left questioning not only his poor decision-making and greed, but also the responsibility of artists
Black Love or War? A Comprehensive Look Into the Impact of Racism on Dating and Relationships
While few of us will find ourselves battling it out on the basketball court desperately trying to win at love, many Black men and women find themselves in a fight to find the “one.” Although some self-help books and online relationship experts will have us all believing self-development is the only cure for the distance between Black men and women seeking companionship, the issue is far deeper than that. 
Meek Mill’s album cover: The internal conflict of Black women who love hip-hop
OPINION: As Black women regain our power and take ownership of our own narrative, how can we reconcile a love for hip-hop with its relentless objectification of us?