Helping Kids Embrace Their Hair With New Collection
This mother-and-daughter duo’s Pop of Curls haircare brand is all about loving your crown — and building a family legacy.
This Black-Owned App Is Connecting Communities To Inclusive Beauty Brands
FELOH is connecting Black, Latinx, & AAPI-owned beauty brands with consumers to review and shop brands — and earn coins. Photo courtesy brand Let’s be honest — searching for product recommendations and tutorials can be overwhelming. Where there was once...
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8 Black-Owned Beauty & Wellness Brands To Upgrade Your Self-Care Game
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8 TSA-Approved Natural hair travel goodies
image via I have always been interested in traveling the seven seas, but never had the gumption to get my passport and go. When my girl invited me to celebrate her 30th birthday on the beautiful island of Bermuda,...
3 Detangle Tips For High Porosity Hair with Soultanicals
The starting point to care for your natural hair is determining your hair’s porosity, which allows you to choose the best products to use for maximum hair health. But—what’s hair porosity, and how do you figure out your own? Hair...
Deep Conditioning Hacks For Healthy Winter Hair With Glow by Daye
Winter is here and protecting natural hair is at the forefront of many naturalistas. No matter what stage your natural hair journey is in –it’s important to have an action plan to combat the harsh conditions that cold air that...
Everyday Maintenance For Healthy Black Skin
We’ve all used culturally – coined terms, “Melanin Poppin,” and/or “Black Don’t Crack,” to playfully describe the uniqueness of darker skin complexions. Whether we’re hi-fiving our aunties for their skin’s agelessness, or enjoying the ability of our skin natural protection from UV rays found in sunlight, there is no question that black skin should be celebrated for its superpowers. But, black skin is oftentimes much more sensitive.
Get The Skin Of Your Dreams With These Facial Oils
Can we have a seriously REAL conversation about our skin health? Ok, show of hands—have you tried ALL the OTC and prescribed medications known to man to heal and treat acne, dark spots and blackheads? What makes matters even worse is when these medications 1- don’t solve the problem and 2-cause even more skin inflammation. If this sounds like your story, there may be a more gentle approach to clearing your skin. Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Yes, you read that correctly, but before you completely side-eye our suggestion, check out the facts.
These E-Commerce Beauty Brands Are a Must for WOC
When it comes to finding the right beauty products, it can be a challenge for women of color in an industry that doesn’t always cater to their needs. However, the good news is, many companies and brands have developed specifically to nurture black women’s unique needs.
These Black–Owned Beard Brands will Keep Bae Poppin!
A recent study unveiled that many women find men with beards more attractive. Ladies, I think we all can agree that this was common knowledge. What is it about a man with a thick beard that seems to make his personal stock go up with us? Sis, I’m convinced some things really don’t need an explanation. Whatever your reason is, let’s treat ourselves by making sure our baes’ beards are on point. In fact, let’s take it a step further to ensure our bae’s beards stay on debonair status with these 10 – black-owned grooming products.
Sheen Magazine IG Beauty Tour: Glam Up Your Beauty Routine With Legacy Dream Luxury Beauty Cases
We traditionally discuss products for application for hair, skin, and nails, however, how many of us struggle to keep our arsenal of beauty goodies organized? I know I do! I think there is a collective, ”Yassssss” from every woman who has left her bathroom counter a mess after beating her face for a night on a town. So, when I came across The Legacy Dream Luxury Company. Original Luxury Beauty Case on Instagram, I was absolutely enthralled at how beautiful these beauty cases are as well as how much time I could save on my makeup with one
Sheen Instagram Beauty Tour: Coloured Raine
If you see life in exuberant colors then vegan and cruelty – free cosmetic line Coloured Raine is right up your alley. This makeup brand truly lives up to their name, offering makeup enthusiasts an oasis of brilliant and exuberant...
Millennial Duo Creates New Online Beauty Market for WOC
When you visit Coil Beauty’s website and see four fists of color, you know you’re home. In an industry traditionally known for its lack of inclusiveness, Founder and CEO Aisha Shannon-Bates and COO and partner Kethlyn White decided to create an online community and marketplace that caters to the unique needs of women of color. The new e-commerce site carries emerging beauty products for women of color - and it gets better, because the brands they carry are owned by people of color too!
Trying A New Hair Color? – These Sulfate-Free Shampoos Are a Must
The New Year is a perfect time for change and experimentation with your beautiful locks. Why not try a bold new hue this season and a transform your look. Last year brought us some eccentric hair dyes like unicorn rainbows and even green, and luckily for us all, the trend isn’t ceasing anytime soon. However, if you’re planning on switching your mane up, keeping your tresses healthy with the perfect sulfate – free shampoo to avoid breakage is a must.
10 SHEEN-Approved Feminine Health Products to Keep Your Phresh
The growth of vigilant consumers opting for more transparency in the ingredient list from companies and brands has inspired many women to take a second look at their vaginal health. From tampons to vaginal steams, many companies are emerging that provide women with all natural alternatives to keep lady parts healthy and balanced.
Sheen Instagram Beauty Tour: 103 Collection, A Lifestyle Line for Men & Women
What’s better than keeping your skin looking soft and buttery smooth? When you can do the same for the men in your life at the same time. Coed Lifestyle brand,103 Collection is a vegan and organic that catering to the...
5 Cleansers To Avoid Breakouts From Heavy Makeup This Halloween
If you’re planning your Halloween outfit, you’ve probably seen a slew of gorgeous makeup artists showcase their creative depictions of everything from skeletons to The Lion King’s Nala.
Witch Please, These Halloween Beauty Products Are Worth Adding to Any Collection
Halloween is arguably one of the most interesting holidays celebrated. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be someone else for a day? But, here’s the thing, why spend all those coins on makeup, hair, costume, and accessories that you can only use for one day. Get more bang for your buck with these Halloween products that you can add to your beauty collection all year long.
Curl Power Delux Delivers Much More Than Hair
“It’s not just about hair care. It’s about paying homage to our culture and heritage,” said Tropic Isle Living Co-Founder, Lois Hines to a crowd full of bright-eyed women who hung on her every word.
How To Add Serums To Your Regimen For Glowing Skin
The skin is the largest organ on the body — and believe it or not, even when your melanin is popping, it’s not indestructible. According to beauty specialist Morgan Turner, as we age, our skin changes and a stagnant skin...