Deep Conditioning Hacks For Healthy Winter Hair With Glow by Daye

Winter is here and protecting natural hair is at the forefront of many naturalistas. No matter what stage your natural hair journey is in –it’s important to have an action plan to combat the harsh conditions that cold air that literally suck the moisture out of your strands. To make matters worse –additional heat inside of homes and offices can also cause frizz, damaged ends and breakage.

With all these factors working against the health of your hair one natural hair company Glow by Daye is working to ensure your curls stay popping throughout the season.

Founded by self-proclaimed ‘lazy naturalista’ Ranay Orton, GBD offers an array of quality moisture retention hair tech options to protect and preserve the integrity of natural strands from the inside out.

“For Glow by Daye, technology has allowed us to bring the same, if not better, quality to our products than if they were handmade completely. With the assistance of the machinery used to help make our hair caps, it allows us to bring the highest of quality to the masses while not compromising the design that we desire,” she said.

Check out these five hair care tips to ensure your hair continues to drip with moisture and hydration.

Deep Condition Hair, Lock in Moisture

Protecting natural hair can sometimes feel like playing an Olympic sport. One simple technique to make sure your tresses are getting and retaining optimal moisture despite the weather is deep conditioning at least once a week to soften and strengthen your hair. Pairing a deep conditioner packed with nutrients and vitamins like Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment and GBD’s Pink Punch Deep Heat Cap will be a game changer. The company’s thermal heating cap is microwaveable, cordless and infused with flax seed to nurture your hair from root to tip. Not to mention—its soft microfiber and cotton material is comfortable to wear. Apply a deep conditioner for 20 – 30 minutes and continue your favorite hobby with no hassle.

Sis, satin bonnets aren’t just for bedtime

While your favorite beanie is cute and stylish—it can unfortunately be the cause for damage and ruin that style you worked so tirelessly on all morning. Perfect for thicker hair simply pull in all your hair under GBD’s Navy Classico Satin Bonnet with your favorite hat to ensure curls stay intact. Double layered and reversible for durability and versatility—this cap offers comfort and care. Crisp curls right in the comfort of home

When it’s cold outside trips to the salon are not ideal. Without sacrificing your style and defined braid and twist –outs, GBD offers inflatable soft hooded attachments as a convenient alternative to traditional hooded dryers. It connects to your personal hand held round nozzled hair dryer with a large head opening and drawstring to adjust around head for a shiny salon finish. Waterproof any style

Avoid drenched curls, wrecked styles and environmental exposure with GBD’s Purple Rain Premium Satin Lined Shower Cap. Made with Charmeuse satin with an easy adjustable perimeter, this shower cap is uniquely designed shower with waterproof exterior to protect your hair from moisture when needed, yet gentle to your hair while doing it.

Moisturize your home

Avoid waking up to thirsty, dry, brittle hair that is lifeless and crunchy. Instead—it’s time to add a humidifier to your winter hair care plan. Try a simple humidifier like Honeywell Mistmate Cool Humidifier, which produces fine and cool mist to restore moisture in your home and hair.

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