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E.A. Terrell

Eartha Terrell is a graduate of The Ohio State University. She is a wordsmith with a knack for literature and writing. Her vast knowledge of digital communication is earned from her years of experience as a communication specialist, content marketing consultant and journalist. Her ability to seamlessly articulate strategic messaging effectively bridges the gap of communication between brands and their audiences through her innate creative storytelling.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

What makes Eartha such an asset to our business at Prodigal is her talent, tenacity and skill as a writer. She has assisted in the creation of multiple projects and we highly recommend her work.

JEFF HEDRICH, Prodigal President and Strategist

Eartha captured the voice of my brand completely. I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend her company's services to other businesses looking to define their communication.

KEISHA PYZYNSKI, Key Design & Media CEO and Creative Director

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