Curl Power Delux Delivers Much More Than Hair

“It’s not just about hair care. It’s about paying homage to our culture and heritage,” said Tropic Isle Living Co-Founder, Lois Hines to a crowd full of bright-eyed women who hung on her every word.

She shared these empowering wisdom during natural hair event Curl Power Delux in Cleveland, Ohio Sept., 22, hosted by natural hair care brand Hey Curlie Founder and Hair and Beauty Influencer Romance Cox.

Curl Power Delux

Images by Kamron Kahn Photography.

Peppered with fun and sisterhood, Curl Power Delux seamlessly wove threads of self-love and empowerment. While attendees walked away with beauty prizes and new products, their hearts were certainly filled with motivation and inspiration as Hines delivered the kind of speech that resonates well after the words are gone.

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“I see hair as a reflection of mental development and consciousness. It is an extension of who you are. You do not need a lot of products. You just need products that work best for you,” said Hines.

Additionally, the natural soiree offered naturalistas an array of hair care tips from how to revive limp hair to techniques to prevent breakage and hair loss. Curls certainly took center stage as participants swarmed the Beta Banquet and Conference Center rocking creative up-dos, Afros, two-strand twists and more! “It’s really inspiring, seeing all the business women. It’s not really a lot of events like this around here,” said Janiera Brooks.

If you missed the event, no worries, Sheen has you covered. Here are 3 helpful hair tidbits shared with event goes.

Keep It Simple, Ladies

Let’s be honest. Are you a product junkie? Do you run to the aisles spending all of your coins every time a new deep conditioner comes out? If so, you’re not alone. Many curl beauties are missing the mark when it comes to their hair care routine by over-complicating the process. Hines suggests simplifying the process by paying keen attention to ingredients, focusing on what keeps your hair moisturized the most and understanding that hair does change.

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