Sheen Magazine IG Beauty Tour: Glam Up Your Beauty Routine With Legacy Dream Luxury Beauty Cases

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We traditionally discuss products for application for hair, skin, and nails, however, how many of us struggle to keep our arsenal of beauty goodies organized? I know I do! I think there is a collective, ”Yassssss” from every woman who has left her bathroom counter a mess after beating her face for a night on a town. So, when I came across The Legacy Dream Luxury Company. Original Luxury Beauty Case on Instagram, I was absolutely enthralled at how beautiful these beauty cases are as well as how much time I could save on my makeup with one.
From beauty cases to brush holders, this company is a one-stop shop for all of your beauty organization needs. We caught up with owner and founder Cathy Johnson to learn more about these beautiful cases, chat about entrepreneurship, beauty and more!
How did you get started in the beauty industry? What was your initial goal?
The truth is, I never knew that designing a box in my bathroom would help people or lead me into the beauty industry. My initial goal was to design something for myself to keep me more organized. I had just given birth to my daughter Morgan and I spent so much time getting the baby bathed, changed, and pretty that it left no time for me to take care of myself. I knew that with the right storage system, I could do my makeup quickly. The Original Luxury Beauty Case® I designed turned out to be such a game changer for my routine, I knew immediately that other women needed it too. They say the best products are created out of need and that’s exactly how it happened for me.

You started off as a lawyer, beauty isn’t a likely transition. What did your process look like?

It’s interesting because while I was in law school, a friend’s mother when we first met asked me if I was a makeup artist. I said not at all, I’m a lawyer. She looked me in the eye and said, “If what you do for a living isn’t in the beauty industry, you’ve truly missed your calling.” At the time, I knew my law degree wasn’t a mistake but what she said to me haunted me for years until now.
You’re right, beauty isn’t a likely transition. It’s a transition that, for me, was born out of pain. Right before I started my company, I lost my father and it was really out of trying to forget the pain of losing him that I decided to take the money he left me and put it into something that would have meaning and purpose. Pouring all my energy on my products took my mind off of grief and focused my attention on continuing my father’s legacy of hard work. I named the company “Legacy Dream Luxury” because my dad always supported my dreams and he wanted us to have the best in life (luxury).
Your beauty boxes are receiving accolades from celebrities and makeup lovers all over. What do you think makes your brand such a stand out?
I honestly think that my approach to business has been very different because my focus has always been to make an impact while sharing my passion with others. I write handwritten notes in my packages and call to make sure people are happy. I share my story whenever possible. The quality of my Luxury Beauty Cases® is unmatched. But what I hear consistently is that the personal touch of a handwritten note and a personal phone call is everything.
It also doesn’t hurt to see the interesting ways that people are using my products. Niecy Nash took her Diamond Beauty Case® to New Orleans for 5 months while filming “Claws” and that proved it was something no woman should live without! Karrueche stacked her beauty cases by placing one on top of another and that showed how strong our beauty cases are! In a handwritten note I shared with Estelle how much her song “Conqueror” inspired me and on her Instagram post of her Luxury Beauty Case® she wrote, “This is the best thing to have happened to my makeup table. Thank you @legacydreamluxury. You conqueror you!

Many women struggle to keep their makeup organized and neat, what are 3 tips you can offer women?

First, start by lining up the products you use every single day. Lay those out in the order you would use or apply them. Next, check the expiration dates of all of your makeup. Toss anything older than a year if it is not powder based. And lastly, invest in a clear transparent system that is strong and won’t disappoint you. A great option is the Diamond Beauty Case® available

You followed your dreams and passions, what advice would you have for anyone wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. Take action and begin anywhere. Once you get started, you can always refine things as you go. Believe in your idea and surround yourself with others who will support you and hold you accountable.

Are you ready to get organize your beauty routine?

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