5 Cleansers To Avoid Breakouts From Heavy Makeup This Halloween

If you’re planning your Halloween outfit, you’ve probably seen a slew of gorgeous makeup artists showcase their creative depictions of everything from skeletons to The Lion King’s Nala.

However, while creating these looks for a night of fun and partying is great, it’s important to be mindful that some of our favorite Halloween costume makeup can be loaded with parabens and other harmful chemicals (especially the cheap drugstore brands). They can wreak havoc on the skin, causing rashes, bacterial overgrowth and more! But don’t stress. If you’re planning on creating a look with heavy Halloween makeup this year, but want to skip potential skin irritation, Hype Hair has you covered. Click through for eight skincare brands to cleanse and soothe your skin to keep you on glow mode.

vonetta cosmetics

Vonetta Cosmetics The Truth Bar, $20

A powerful cleansing bar, Vonetta Cosmetics Truth Bar is a great option for cleansing pores after slathering your face with thick Halloween costume makeup.z

Carefully formulated with all natural ingredients, such as coconut and palm oils and glycerin, this patent cleansing bar deeply penetrates skin removing harmful impurities for a refreshing and dewy glow.

tamanu cleansing bar

Camille Rose Tamanu Cleansing Bar, $8.99

Glitter and fake blood are no match for this cleansing bar. Harnessing the exotic and healing tamanu oil, this gentle cleanser is infused with moisturizing omega fatty acids and antioxidant properties to rejuvenate pores, help with blood circulation while soothing skin, preventing breakouts and revealing a luminous and vibrant complexion.

lauren napier

Cleanse By Lauren Napier, $10

Lauren Napier’s Cleanse wipes can help remove even the most stubborn Halloween makeup residue.

Infused with chamomile, aloe and cucumber extracts, these wipes also hydrate and smooth skin while reducing inflammation and redness.


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