8 Black-Owned Beauty & Wellness Brands To Upgrade Your Self-Care Game

Black woman meditating

Photo Credit: David Pradoperucha

It’s easy to forget that the moves we make in our daily routine can also impact our mind, body and spirit. Let’s face it, these are challenging times, and active self-care is vital, now more than ever.

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Since the beginning, our ancestors have used rituals as a way to connect and replenish. How many times have we heard “when you look good, you feel good”? The phrase may seem played out, but it holds true. When we engage in self-care activities with intention, they have powerful effects. Crafting a supreme beauty regimen that integrates head-to-toe, spirit awakening products can be key to helping invoke tranquility and clarity.

By turning our daily routines into meaningful self-care rituals, we thus create a constant in unparalleled times, which just might be the answer to thriving through them.

Scroll below for eight brands that can help you level up your self-care.

Season's Kiss By Denise Rogers

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Season’s Kiss

Atmosphere is everything, and that applies to beauty, as well. Denise Rogers takes it one step further with her Season’s Kiss candle collection. Her gorgeous and glittering manifestation candles are sprinkled with herbs to heighten your vibrations and help you invite everything from peace to passion into your world.

Try: Abundance, $29.95


Shea Shea Bakery

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Shea Shea Bakery

Boasting decadent body butters, bath bombs, bakery crafted soaps, and more, Shea Shea Bakery’s selection of sugary-scented goods will indulge your inner child. Relax and de-stress with founder Sarah McClain‘s handmade, organic offerings that look good enough to eat. Enjoy the spoils without the guilt of their edible counterparts!

Try: Bath Bomb-Warm Milk & Cookies, $10


The Honey Pot Company

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Honey Pot

The first of its kind, these biodegradable, plant-based products are designed to cleanse, heal and protect our most private of places. Founder Beatrice Dixon breaks the abhorrent one-product-fits-all mold we see so often with products focusing on a multitude of women’s health and wellness concerns.

Try: Normal Feminine Wipes, $9.99


Papa Rozier

Photo courtesy brand

Papa Rozier Farms

Organically grown in Haiti, Papa Rozier Farms blends natural staple ingredients like hibiscus, jasmine, and moringa to create modern skincare and beauty products. Founded by Rubens Amedee, all Papa Rozier products are designed with a focus not only on the body, but also on African and ancestral spirituality and practices, making every use feel sacred.

Try: Grounding Oil Flight Sampler, $48


Aba Love Apothecary

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Aba Love Apothecary

Aromatherapy uses science to heal with scent, and that is just what certified aromatherapist Aba Gyepi-Garbrah does with Aba Love. The plant-based line of aromatics include toning body oils, facial mists, and room and linen sprays with therapeutic properties that promote positive energy and connection to self so that you and your spaces can vibe higher.

Try: Petal Facial Toning Mist, $22

UOMA Beauty

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Uoma Beauty

Part of an enriching self-care routine includes expression, so why not add some flair to your beauty look? With highly pigmented color stories, on-trend accessories (Carnival eyelashes, anyone?) and bold, cheeky packaging, Sharon Chuter‘s UOMA Beauty is sure to inspire even the shyest of wallflowers to shed their shells and find their voice.

Try: Say What?! Foundation, $39


Photo courtesy brand


Kukui nut oil was traditionally used in rituals for tranquility and protection. Is it any surprise then that it’s one of the essential ingredients in many of Curldaze’s innovative line of products? Founder Robyn Atwater‘s love of natural hair led her to creat this nourishing brand that is free of sulfates, paraben, silicone and alcohol. Each product drenches the hair in moisture from root to tip to soothe and prevent future damage, making it perfect for modern beauty rituals as well.

Try: The Kukui Trio, $43.99

 Get Hued by Gemini Naturals

Gemini Naturals

At some point, we all want change just for the sake of it. Lianne Dobson‘s Gemini Naturals adds a little color to your beauty routine (literally) with their aloe-vera based color gel designed specifically to moisturize and define textured hair while coloring, so you can satiate your wildest whims without wrecking your locs.

Try: Bronzed Beauty, $26

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