Helping Kids Embrace Their Hair With New Collection

Nadege & Skylar Derulo


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Nadege Derulo is on a mission to ensure her daughter and other children love and appreciate their natural curls. That is why she teamed up with her five-year old daughter, Skylar, to create their own natural haircare brand, Pop of Curls.

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“It’s a product made for children, by a child and mom,” says the Haitian American mother. “I wanted something that was organic and natural for curly hair kids with all textures.”

Their Pop of Curls collection is infused with natural, organic ingredients like marshmallow root extract, cocoa butter, and honey and is free of parabens, mineral oil, dyes, and sulfates. 

Like many moms, frustration seeped in after struggling to find safe child haircare products that were curly-hair friendly so she started concocting her own recipes at home when she was inspired to do more.

“I used to whip things in the kitchen for Skylar’s hair and always had a passion for it, but didn’t see myself batching up products,” shares Nadege. “So I did research on how to mass-produce my ideas, and voila.”

The collection’s lineup includes wash-day essentials like Cocopoo 2-in-1 Hydration Shampoo and Body Wash, Cocofusion Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Cocotangle Detangle Conditioner, and Coco Hair Serum, along with edge tamer, silk bonnets, brushes, and more. 

Pop Of Curls

Photo courtesy brand

If the duo seems familiar, it’s because Skylar is a viral TikTok star — and Nadege’s brother-in-law is singer Jason Derulo. Nadege hopes to pass down her own legacy of generational wealth and business while helping little ones embrace their natural beauty and build their confidence.

The corporate-trained boss began her journey through business and the fashion and beauty industries more than a decade ago. Nadege graduated summa cum laude, earning her master’s in business administration, with a focus in leadership.

Nadege went on to become a partner of iCONIQ Wardrobe, where she was a personal shopper/ stylist for celebrities, and went on to start her own boutique concierge Igotu for exclusive clientele.  

She soon got married and had Skylar. However, after receiving a heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis, Nadege knew she wanted to leave a footprint and legacy for her daughter and future generations.

“The path has been quite fascinating learning all the aspects of the hair industry,” shares Nadege. “It’s been a challenging journey working while I was sick. The fear of possibly losing my life forced me to fight harder and I put all my creativity, energy, and enjoyment into creating this brand.”

Skylar, like her mom, enjoys fashion, beauty, and sporting her curly tresses. So, it made sense for Nadege to incorporate her daughter’s energetic personality into the brand.

Nadege & Skylar Derulo

“Skylar has been there every step of the way…picking out color schemes and product names,” explains Nadege. “She’s just as hardworking as me. She attends some business calls and helps me with packaging.”

Through their work, Nadege hopes to not only inspire Skylar through the maintenance of her crown, but also through entrepreneurship in the Black hair industry, as well. They are now part of a growing league of women and girls working to own their areas within Black beauty — a space worth billions of dollars with less than 14% Black ownership.

“I want to show my daughter that hard work pays off when you follow your dreams and overcome what I’ve gone through,” Nadege says. “I want to teach her to never let obstacles stop her from achieving her dreams. The goal isn’t just to build a business to make a couple of dollars. The objective is to build something that will last beyond our time living.”

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