Muvva Earth Presents: Taneesha’s Traveling Journey

Here on, we are always excited for our readers and community to share their stories. One of our past #WCW Taneesha, is a Social Worker living in Las Vegas, Nevada who is a travel enthusiasts. Check out her traveling below and let us know what you think! Growing up, I’ve gone on countless road trips with my family. I always thought it was cool to be in a different environment, even if it was only for a few days. Every year, we would go to places like DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I remember my grandparents even drove us all the way to Florida! As I grew older, I began to take trips with my friends for any occasion (spring break, birthdays and just because). It wasn’t until I got older that I ventured out to the western part of the country. I visited places in Arizona, Colorado, California, and Nevada and each time, I fell more in love with that part of the U.S.! Visiting these western states put me in a different frame of mind. Out there, I felt more alive and much happier. I felt a greater sense of peace and joy. The weather, the scenery, the mountains, the diversity…it all gave me a sense of nostalgia. After much prayer and what I believe to be signs from God, I decided to move across the country from Ohio. I consider my move to Nevada to be a faith move. Though I knew some people here, I essentially moved alone. I found a new job, packed up my car, and left everything I was comfortable and familiar with. Though I get a little home sick from time to time, this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A deeper connection to nature My experience out West has increased my love and appreciation for natural world around me. Being outdoors, especially near the mountains, serves as a stress reliever and a technique for self care. Not only do I feel free and at peace, but it enhances my spirituality and gives me a greater appreciation for life. In order to share the goodness of being in nature, I became a Tribe Guide for Vibe Tribe Adventures, a global adventure company that was created to encourage Black women to explore the outdoors.

Purpose and passion

As I mentioned earlier, I work in the social work field and so does my best friend. Our job is to address social issues and help enhance the well being of others and the community. One day, we were discussing the concept of purpose and what we could do more of in life. We decided that together, we would combine this part of our existence with our love for traveling. We came up with a blog/vlog called Culturally Colorful. This platform would allow us to increase our awareness of diversity and community issues while still having fun.

The power of stepping into the unknown Traveling and being in a new environment has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. It has given me the opportunity to experience new things and see some really beautiful places. It has allowed me to meet people, learn about different cultures, and create friendships locally and around the world. Traveling doesn't have to be difficult. You just have to pick a destination and go! Wherever you decide, I pray that your next journey is filled with peace, passion, and purpose. Wow! Taneesha is definitely giving us #travelvibes for sure. When this quarantine is over, where will you first flight be taking you?

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